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VME-Asic has experience in :

  • Automotive and Industrial Applications
  1. Design and evaluation EMC robust low standby power transceivers (LIN, HS-CAN) physical layer macro modules
  2. Engine Management: Physical layer sensor communication interfaces (PSI5, SENT, I2C)
  3. System Basis Chip Window lift application: On chip integrated chopped HALL sensor interface re-use macro with low offset differential dynamic offset compensated CMOS instrumentation amplifier and  hall sensor technology  variation compensation.
  4. Rain sensor Application: low power,offset and high PSRR rail 2 rail input/output class AB operational amplifier
  5. Switched Power Supply Management Capacitive: Robust low drop Low EME Dickson Charge pump in LV CMOS for gyroscope/ accelerometer application, ...
  6. SPSM Inductive: Buck DCDC fixed frequency voltage mode with input voltage feed forward ,external 10V High Side FET  without using an external boost diode for HS control (Ignition lock func.) , 2 point voltage Imax peak constant turn-off time input voltage feed forward control boost converter (piezo crystal supply for gasoline engine management), Buck DC/DC fixed frequency current mode control,...
  7. Power Supply Management:various low standby power, low drop linear voltage regulators (Ignition lock, Door module,sensor supply,....)
  8. PSM: Design -cut robust  3,3V for analog sensor engine management (MAP/BAP) application:  Low noise ,low power, High PSSR  cascoded regulator VBAT in 3.3V out,
  9. Switch Applications in BCD/HV CMOS: High Side LED driver,on chip Low Side Switch for relais control,.... (Door module window lift application ,Door module lock and mirror control )
  10. Switch Applications in BCD/HV CMOS: HS/LS, H-Bridge, 3 phase Bridge driver; design of multipurpose (3xHS+3XLS, 6xLS, H-bridge+2xLS, 3xLS+3 Voltage regulators) 6X external MOSFET gate driver ASIC with on chip fault protection and control
  11. SD-AD convertor:design 5V input 3.3V power supply 10MHz sampling frequency, OSR 32, Low Pass 2-1 cascade SC sigma delta converter in 0.35m tsmc for sensor apllication


  • Communication/Consumer Electronics
  1. Long Haul( E1,T1) transceiver; front- end design methodology ; SC Fleischer-Laker biquad filter, transmitter: 5 bit Rstring DAC,High linearity line driver design with pulse mask shaping
  2. Wide area network (E3/T3/DS3) transceiver: design front end 6e order Bessel LP & equalizer GM-C filter with gm/c & gds tuning; Concept, design and evaluation clock and data recovery  PLL
  3. DA converter: 7bit 100MHz current steered DA converter
  4. Oscillators: Low power Crystal ; Ring; RC oscillators
  • RF design
  1. Analog front end RF-ID transponder design in CMOS
  2. Wide band (1GHz to 2.2GHz) low noise (<80dBc@10kHz) LC voltage controlled oscillator for RF,broadband CMOS cable modem
  3. RF power amplifiers
  • Chip card
  1. R& D alternatives for dual rail with pre-charge power attack secure logic library development for DES crypto processor
  • Miscellaneous
  1. 5V  robust  SPI interface in Low voltage CMOS
  2. POR: Power on reset concepts on System Basis Chips
  3. Low power EMC robust bandgaps and current references

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