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Based up on an excellent up to date know-how and long experience on various applications, production technologies and EDA design software VME-Asic can provide services from the VME-Asic office in Grünwald  or On-Site support for:

  • Design review, evaluation and debugging assessment
  • Feasability study
  • Project team staffing
  • Turn key solutions delivery with VME-Asic Expert development team
  • ASIC/SoC product, reusable macro-module  and system definition
  • RF/analog mixed signal design
  • Digital filter design
  • EMC know how
  • DSP development
  • Physical design: Full custom and digital layout including post layout verification
  • Design methodology and EDA tool evaluation
  • Behavioral modeling with Verilog/VHDL -ams
  • PCB development and debugging
  • Prototype evaluation
  • Test program and test bench development
  • Debugging and analysis of field rejects
  • Project management and team leadership


 Production technology experience : CMOS, HVCMOS and BCD

  • Infineon spt 4/5/6
  • ST microelectrons BCD4s/ BCD6s
  • Texas Instruments lbc7/lbc8
  • tmsc 0.35µm, ftsmc 0.13µm
  • Freescale hip7

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