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Started as VME-engineering in 2002 and transformed to VME-Asic GmbH in 2010. VME-Asic is a independent Analog/Mixed Signal Application Specific Integrated Circuits design services provider for semiconductor and electrotechnical companies. VME-Asic is dedicated to deliver high quality design services to its customers by innovation; strong communication skills; up to date ASIC, Application and EDA design knowledge. We strive to continously improve ourselves. We consider every customer as a potential long-term relationship by giving them a competitive advantage in the development of their current products and the reassurance that dedicated resources are available for future products.


Privately owned by Dipl.-Ing Michael Vanrompay

Size of company

Currently (2012) VME-Asic is a 1 person company with the ability to form bigger design teams with additional expertise in cooperation with sub-contractors in the Munich Area for on site support or off site support from the VME-Asic office in Grünwald



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