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Michael Vanrompay

Michael Vanrompay :Master of science in electrical engineering (burgerlijk elektrotechnisch ingenieur) option micro-electronics graduated in 1996 at the faculty of engineering Catholic University Leuven (KUL) Department ESAT MICAS in Belgium. During his studies he specialized on the design of high performance analog circuits which resulted in his graduate thesis: : „a 7 bit 100MHz current steered digital 2 analog converter“ with Promoters: Prof. Dr. Willy. M. C. Sansen: KULeuven, ESAT-MICAS Belgium and MSc.M.Tibaut: ZFE(Zentrale Forschung und Entwicklung), Siemens AG , Germany  From 01.08.1996 to 30.06.2000 he joined the datacom transceiver group at Siemens HL (presently Lantiq) as an Analog/Mixed Signal Design Engineer. During this time he was one of the main contributors in the development of Falc long haul ISDN (FALC E1,T1), wide area network (DS3) transceivers and of improvement in the design methodology. From 01.07.2000 to 01.01.02 he joined GME as a senior design consultant  for analog/mixed signal design services in the Munich area. In February 2002 he successfully founded VME engineering as an independent consultant with a proven track record of successfull designs for Texas Instruments (RFID), Dialog Semiconductors (automotive department), Motorola Semiconductors (consumer electronics), Infineon (Automotive an Industrial department) and Bosch (Automotive Entwicklung). In April 2010 he founded VME-ASIC GmbH as a provider  of Analog/Mixed Signal ASIC/SOC Design Services and  Experts.

Publications:"Codevelopment of long haul ISDN transceivers and design methodology improves time to market", M.Brandstetter, T.Harms, H.Reinig, M.Vanrompay, Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Electronics,Circuits and Systems(ICECS 98) LISBOA, Portugal, IEEE Press, 1998, ISBN 0-7803-5008-1


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